Do You Have Cravings?

Cravings for junk food over time became one of my pitfalls. Sound familiar? Without the proper Nutritional Cleansing program, this is exactly what happens. Is my story also your story? You may want to read on to find out.

Talk about junk food, I used to love eating potato chips, French Fries, cheeses, nachos, ice cream, fast foods and especially chocolate in any shape or form. Now, for the most part, I could not care less if I ever ate them again.

If you’re missing a healthy balance of carbohydrates in your diet, your body won’t have the fuel it needs to function. This can lead to a sugar craving.

Now when I go out, I avoid that kind of food at all costs. Why you ask? The biggest reason that I avoid that kind of food is because when I do eat it, I feel extremely bloated or just get extremely tired because of all the toxins, chemicals, additives and preservatives in that stuff.

I never noticed this before I started my cleansing but now I feel it every time. Every now and then, when I do feel for a piece of chocolate or am feeling a little hungry, I like to have organic chocolate without all of the preservatives and additives. So mostly, I will reach for my little wellness chocolate snacks, a bar, a slimcake or even have a wellness chocolate shake.

Not only do they satisfy my cravings, (also known as a brain reaction) but they also are very filling and take away any hunger that I may be experiencing. As they say “Talk about having your cake and eating it too”. It works for me every time. I know that is why I am able to maintain my desired weight. I never leave home without them. It really does taste so much better.

DID YOU KNOW that if you cleanse and replenish your body with high-grade nutrients that you will no longer desire that junk food you once loved? It has been said, “an unhealthy body will crave unhealthy things, but a healthy body will only crave healthy things”.

Here is what I try to follow, as a general rule of thumb so that I can stay fit for life.


Do You Want The Benefits Of Not Having That Junk Food Craving? If so, please "Contact Me" on how cleansing can benefit you.

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