Brain Chemistry & Mood reactions to expect while body cleansing

Brain Chemistry , is not as complicated as I once thought it to be.

Due to my body not having the proper high-grade nutrients for such a long time, I knew very little, if anything about nutrition and how it affects our brain or our overall health for that matter. I have since sat down and read Dr. John Grays, Ph.D. book, The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution (who also promotes the cleansing and wellness program that I use). Once I read this book, I had a much better understanding of how Serotonin affects women chemistry and how Dopamine affects the men's chemistry. Without the proper high-grade nutrients our brain will not work in the manner it should.

Did you know that serotonin is associated with feelings of well-being and control. With the lack of serotoin in our brain we tend to become depressed and require medications that will increase our levels of serotoin. With that being said did you know that junk food has been implicated in quite a few serious mental disorders, from dyslexia and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to autism and depression? The effect of food on our brains is so powerful that research on the connection between a person’s mood and the food he or she eats has demonstrated that eating a certain food can influence a person’s mood—at least temporarily.

Our brain is directly dependent upon the nutrients we consume. Our digestive tracts ability to consume and incorporate (nutrients) into the body after digestion. The concentration of toxins consumed as well as the toxic, metabolic by products of incomplete digestion. Our liver's ability to assemble bio-chemical building-blocks required by the brain for its normal functionality is critical and may very easily become undermined by carrying too high a toxic load, btw, which is a very common problem in this day and age when exposure to so many environmental and food borne toxins has become "the norm".

As much as 90% of the serotonin, one of the primary neurotransmitters, is produced in the gut and exerts considerable influence on normal intestinal functionality. Therefore when focusing on neurotransmitter optimization, it does not even come to mind that we should address the issues of nutrition, digestion, liver function and general detoxification. Why is that?

DID YOU KNOW that when your body can absorb and digest fats and protein effectively, it converts those nutrients into healthy Brain Food? Did you know that when you have healthier brain chemistry, you would make healthier food choices?


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