Scary Health Statistics about disease and illness being caused by our environment

There are so many scary health statistics out there today about toxins in our foods as well as in our environment. We need to take action now to at least make sure that we keep ourselves healthy.

The Whole Body Nutritional Cleansing today is so important in order to maintain optimal health.

Cleansing is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Just check out some of the scary health statistics below.

Some of the recent research that I have done has just blown me away with what I have found out. Here in my opinion are some of the most Scary Statistics.

We are Spoiled Rotten and that is why most of use are becoming part of these scary statistics.

Did you know that we are the most polluted species on the planet – we are so toxic that we would not pass the FDA inspection?

The Most Scary Health Statistics that I found are:

  • Breast Cancer – Every 2.9 minutes a woman contracts Breast Cancer - 5 Million women are now living with Breast Cancer - 1 in 15 women contracted Breast Cancer in 1990 and this year it will be 1 in 7 - Estimate of 1 in 5 women projected within the next 10 years will contract Breast Cancer
  • Colon Cancer - In Canada, Colon Cancer is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer -Colon Cancer is 2nd leading cause of death in men -It is the 3rd leading cause of death in women -In most cases, there is no Symptoms until it is well advanced -On average in Canada, 67 new cases will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer each day. If you would like some preventative tips here is an article to  Stop colon cancer before it starts
  • Type 2 Diabetes - is a rapidly growing epidemic not only in adults but in children also -18.2 million Americans are living with Diabetes -Over 10% of all American adults will have Diabetes in the next few years
  • Pregnancy – 1 in 12 pregnancies result in miscarriages -1 in 10 pregnancies are born with some kind of physical ailment
  • Osteoporosis - 15 million American women have osteoporosis - 300,000 American people will die this year from osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is currently the fastest growing epidemic at 12% per year
  • Prostate Cancer – Every 3 minutes an American male is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  • Obesity– Over 80% of the American population is considered obese

The Most Scary Health Statistics on Toxicity that I found are:

  • Air – 700,000 tons of pollution is dumped into the air and ground everyday. Seventy years ago the percentage of oxygen and air was 35%, today it is only at 7%. Toyko is as low as 7%. It is so bad that people there wear masks.

  • Water – Contains over 700 different chemicals including mercury, iodine, arsenic and then there are the pharmaceutical drugs as well that get into our water supplies.

  • Food – Hormones, pesticides, steroids, processed foods and chemicals are all out of control such as fire retardant chemicals, rocket fuel, additives and preservatives, all found in our foods. The average American carries a body burden of 700 or more synthetic chemicals in the body such as Teflon residue, plastics and dozens of pesticides.

  • Soils – are so depleted that we have a major loss to the essential nutrients, their enzymes and minerals.

    Believe it or not, 100% of all of us are all toxic, this is why cleansing is no longer an option it is a necessity.

    Our bodies were designed to naturally detoxify. However, we were not designed to live in an environment that is highly toxic to our system like our environment is.

    Read this article from National Geographic on "The Chemicals Within Us". You may want to Contact me after reading the article.

    Very Scary Health Statistics - Why Cleansing Is SO IMPORTANT?- Contact me if you would like to start a cleansing program today.

    I am Here to Help You!

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