Detoxification Symptoms

Detoxification Symptoms, what to expect. If you are like me and have never cleansed before, you would have no idea as to what to expect. Fortunately, I have someone very dear and special to me, whom I trust with my life, my sister Juanita. My sister Juanita is the one who introduced me to this cleansing and wellness program along with my mother and two other sisters. She was with us all the way when we started our whole body cellular detoxification system and still is (as my sister Juanita and I will now be with you, if you want a coaching buddy to help you along with this program free of charge). On a daily basis, I would call her and ask her why I was feeling the way I was. She had some very good tips on how to do the program properly.

Detoxification is never easy. When I first started cleansing, the first problem I had was with the taste of the cleanse. Juanita told me to “hang in there sis, it is because you are extremely toxic and you really do need to get those toxins out of your body and replace the nutrients that you are lacking”. Boys, am I glad that I finally listened to what she had to say about the benefits detoxification and a healthy cleansing program can have. Never before would I listen to her when she would offer advise about health issues or about detoxification systems and what I would need to do in order to get my body in good running order. Now, on occasion, she has the pleasure of telling me “See, I told you so. Was I not right when I told you that you desperately needed to make a few small changes in your life in order to feel better”? Boy was she right.

Here are some of her tips to help a person through detoxification symptoms:

· For the first cleanse day, start on a day with low demands, when you can relax, and see how you respond. With Detoxifications Symptoms, initially, you may experience headaches, chills, flu like symptoms, changes in your bowels (either loose stools or constipation), skin eruptions, skin rashes, nausea, tiredness, light-headedness, and wakefulness at night, and you may experience cravings for sugars or proteins. These are all normal responses to cleansing and these Detoxification Symptoms are a good sign that your body is getting rid of toxins. So as Juanita would say “Hang in there”.

· Do not like the taste of the cleanse drink? – (As of 2012 the new Natural Rich Berry is sooo good, it is hard to believe it is a cleanse drink). With this Detoxification Symptom, put the 4ozs. of cleanse on ice to get it nice and cold or just put your glasses (4ozs 4 times a day for two days straight) in the freezer until you are ready for your cleanse drink. The coldness deadens the taste somewhat.

Drinking Water

· Do you have a headache? – With this Detoxification Symptom, drink more water (6 – 8. or even 10ozs daily a must) especially on cleansing days. The water is what enables your body to flush the toxins out of your body. With this Detoxification Symptom, try not to use Aspirin or other over-the-counter pain relievers, they are not recommended because they too are toxic!

· Do you feel cold? – With this Detoxification Symptom, wrap yourself in a blanket and get comfy for the day. If you cannot do that, then have a hot cup of Natural Green or Peppermint Tea. Have a hot bath or just dress warmly.

· Do you feel constipated or bloated? – With this Detoxification Symptom, this could indicate that you are dumping toxins faster than your bowels can handle them. You need to keep things moving. Try drinking more water. If you purchased the 30-day program, I highly recommend the Wellness Program capsule that is included. You could use 2 of the highly effective laxatives. Included in these capsules is Magnesium that draws water into the colon. Bentonite Clay and Black Walnut Powder absorb toxins and help eliminate Candida, parasites and other pathogens. Hyssop Extract and Peppermint soothe the GI tract. If you do not have the 30-day cleansing program, than I would recommend that a trip to your natural health store to purchase a natural laxative would be in order or another option would be that these capsules can be purchased separately with the 9-day cleanse program when you place your initial order.

· Do you feel nauseated or have loose stool? – With this Detoxification Symptom, try easing up on the cleanse a little bit. Try one ounce of cleanse in water and build up gradually to the 4ozs. If it becomes too severe, only use a teaspoon at a time with water. It takes some people longer to get the body to cooperate and adjust to the cleanse because their body is not use to the high-grade nutrients that it is receiving. Thus making it react to it in a very unpleasant way. But hang in there, things will get better, I am a walking testament to that.

· Do you feel a little tired? – With this Detoxification Symptom, a little bit of exercise is good, but forget any heavy physical activities. Your first two days of your cleanse is not the time to do any strenuous exercising. Just relax as much as you can. Your body will thank you for it later.

Here is some a short article on symptoms to expect when you improve your diet by Dr. Bass.

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