Immune System,-Do you use Organic Colostrum?

People get sick because we have a suppressed Immune System.

The Immune System needs Colostrum to help balance our system. As we grow older, our bodies forget to operate. The best way to fight disease is to teach the body to operate correctly. Then we treat ourselves.

Colostrum (natural colostrum comes from lactating mammals) that can help in burning fat, it aids our moods and it is good for aging. Organic Colostrum needs to be consumed on a consistent basis to see and feel the results from above.

For me, I use a Colostrum spray daily along with some Vitamin C that I purchase separately with my Health & Wellness Program. By using these products twice daily, for the first time in many years, I did not get sick during the flu season. The more I learn about each of these products separately, the more I incorporate them into my daily routine. I don’t know about you, but I know that I do not enjoy being sick over the holidays or anytime for that matter.

This Colstum spray can be used by anyone from ages 6 months and up. It is also safe for animals. For example, I used it on our pug when she started to get a cold. A short while later, you could see that she was feeling a lot better. Her little wet nose stopped running. The formulator for this product recommended it for his dogs in an audio that I had listened to, so I decided to try it with ours. He was so right in what the results would be.


DID YOU KNOW that by flooding your body with high-grade nutrients while cleansing the toxins out of your system will improve your immune system. Did you know that there have been some studies that indicate that a healthy dose of high grade, absorbable protein may strengthen your immune system by as much as 500%.

Do You Want The Benefits of a Stronger Immune system? If so, please contact me.

Please note that some of the products that I use (ex. immune spray) is not for everyone and should not be used by anyone that has had an organ transplant. The reason the product is not good for transplant patients is because the product that I use will boost the immune system. From my understanding, anyone that has had a transplant needs to keep their immune system low so that their body does not reject the transplanted organ. So Please make sure that you contact your Physician before starting any Alternative Health Program.

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